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These series and products have already been granted a FI-Natura certificate.

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  • Atopik

    Finnish natural pharmacy cosmetics

    for sensitive skin


    Atopik is a Finnish skin care series for sensitive skin. In addition to domestic oats and wild blueberries, the products are rich in skin-identical active ingredients such as prebiotics, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and vitamins, which are particularly well suited to support the natural protection of sensitive skin.


    The selection includes high-quality skin care products for dry, irritated, aging as well as oily and impure skin. In addition to facial care products, Atopik's product range includes environmentally friendly physical sunscreens, self-tanning products and family-friendly body care products.


    Atopik products manufactured locally in Helsinki are FI-Natura certified vegan natural cosmetics. The series also features the Leaping Bunny logo as a guarantee of absolute animal non-experimentation.

  • Choice Finland

    It is important for CHOICE Finland that our products are lovingly developed and organic. They treat the skin gently and effectively, without unnecessary chemicals. We draw our strength from local production, Finnish forests and clean waters. We do not use ingredients of animal origin in our products. Our carefully designed packaging materials are fully recyclable.


    We have succeeded when our products support holistic well-being. It is a pleasure to work towards that goal every day! Everything good and beautiful starts with the person himself. Therefore, true well-being also arises from acting understandingly and empathetically towards others. So let’s take care of ourselves, each other and nature. With a big heart!

  • Donna Taponero

    From the beginning, Donna Taponero's DT series contains effective creams that we have developed for various uses. The creams are handcrafted by Finnish forces at our own production facilities in Marttila. The creams are based on Finnish beeswax and cold-pressed organic rapeseed oil. Our products do not contain water or alcohol and are very abundant in use.


    Donna Taponero is the first Finnish company to be awarded the CE mark for a 100 % natural product (DT-Spruce Resin Cream).

  • Ecoil

    The Ecoil series is based on the super berry of northern nature, cranberry. The products contain only nature's own berry, vegetable and fruit oils. The vitamins and fatty acids in natural oils pamper even sensitive skin, giving it vitality, radiance and moisture. Ecoil oils are very rich, moisturizing and softening the skin.

    Ecoil natural cosmetic oils are manufactured in small quantities in Lohja, the products have been awarded the Key Flag. The Ecoil product range includes products for people and pets. FI-Natura certified products include Lip Oil, Face Oil, Hand & Nail Oil, Body Oil and Shaving Oil, the series also includes Cat Oil and Dog Oil.


    The products are non-animal and vegan and preservative-free. They do not contain strong odors, dyes, alcohol or water. The products are sold in glass packaging, as there is no risk of BPA plastic or the plastic breaking over time.

    The products are 100 % natural products, the color of the products may vary depending on the color variations of the oils in the production batch.

  • Ekopharma

    Effective skin care. Naturally.


    EKOPHARMA Helsinki is a Finnish skin care series developed for use by beauty care professionals. The therapeutic effect of effective face, body and hair care products is based on vitamin and antioxidant-rich extracts of domestic berries and plants, as well as caring oils.


    The cornerstones of EKOPHARMA Helsinki care products are domesticity, ecology and responsibility, good skin tolerance, as well as Finnish berries and their superior therapeutic effect. In addition, the products use natural active ingredients that promote the good structure and condition of the skin, moisturize, strengthen, renew and soothe sensitive skin.


    From our effective and well-tolerated natural cosmetics skin care range, every consumer will find home care products that suit their skin and hair needs. The resellers of our products are beauty professionals: beauticians and hairdressers.

  • Erisan+

    ERISAN+ is a fragrance-free range for sensitive skin, designed to strengthen the skin's own resistance. The products in the series have been awarded the FI-Natura natural cosmetics certificate and the Allergy logo issued by the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association.

    The products are made in Finland. The products in the series contain prebiotics that balance the skin, strengthen the skin’s innate resistance and increase skin health by promoting the growth of beneficial microbes.

    There are five products in the series for facial skin care and cleansing.

  • Hohde


    HENTO-Natural cosmetics are collected from flower fields and clean fields. The processing of raw materials combines Finnish tradition and researched information.


    HENTO is a product range that is suitable for all skin types. It’s also a series for you whose skin demands more and more gently.

    HENTO is made with respect for nature, and the products do not contain chemicals that pollute the body or nature.

    HENTO is a part of you and the surrounding nature. HENTO is a skin care product with a good conscience.

  • Hohde


    KAJO is a skin care series for all men – active, urban, tired family fathers and those who strain their skin at work. KAJO products balance the skin and protect it from the harmful effects of weather, dust and fatigue.

    KAJO strives from the pure north, the rugged rock, the smell of the fell. It is suitable for any skin – it is completed, affected and leaves our skin with respect for nature. KAJO doesn’t contain anything you wouldn’t want on your face.

    KAJO is a responsible choice for the well-being of your skin.

  • Impola Hemp Cosmetics

    Our range of natural cosmetics is based on the skin-healing properties of hemp seed oil. The development of the product line started when we received a lot of feedback on the excellent effectiveness of our food hemp seed oil, especially in the treatment of atopic skin. Our clients used the oil both internally and externally and had improved their atopic skin to a much better condition. For many, hemp oil was the only product that showed real efficacy in skin care. The skin care properties of hemp oil are based on a versatile fatty acid composition. The oil contains rare gamma linolenic acid (GLA) in vegetable oils. The antioxidant content of the oil is very high. In the development of the product line, emphasis was placed on skin care properties as well as good tolerability for sensitive skin.


    Our product range currently includes: skin oil, face cream, hand and body cream, shampoo and shower gel.

  • Kaurilan Sauna

    Kaurilan Sauna Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of natural cosmetics and a family business that loves traditional Finnish saunas. Kaurila Sauna's Natural Cosmetics and Sauna Products have been born out of pure love for Finnish sauna culture.

    The company's founder Saara Heikkinen opened her lovely courtyard sauna to the public in 2009. The idea was to offer a place where everyone could relax and feel good.


    The same idea is still involved in all our activities. Remember to enjoy this moment.

  • Murumuru

    Finnish Murumuru brings joy

    to daily skin and hair care!

    Lovely Murumuru products are suitable for all skin types to moisturize, soothe and protect the skin. Only pure and herbal raw materials that meet the criteria of natural cosmetics are used in the products.


    Murumuru products are manufactured locally in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. The developer of the series, Naviter Oy, is a fast-growing family company known for being a pioneer in domestic natural cosmetics and for its special expertise in the treatment of sensitive skin.

    Murumuru arose from the need to create the most compact and clear series possible, the strengths of which are the versatility of the products, clear, high-quality raw materials and an ecological, responsible world of values. The aim is to reduce the impact of additional chemicals on people and the environment. Therefore, Murumuru's packaging is recyclable and the raw materials are carefully selected. The raw materials in the series include locally produced Finnish extracts and oils, such as oat extract that soothes sensitive skin and caring for blackcurrant seed oil. The products are united by the beloved Murumuru fragrance, which is cheerfully fruity and candy-like addictive!

  • Rokua Skincare

    ROKUA The Skincare brand is a Nordic men's natural cosmetics brand, whose products are manufactured in Finland in accordance with strict and high quality standards.

    Natural and highly active ingredients, such as blackcurrant seed oil, are Nordic raw materials from local nature. ROKUA Skincare develops and manufactures products that exactly meet the needs of the target consumer. The purpose of the brand is to create well-being for its consumers and to take care of the environment through responsible and ecological choices and practices.

    The brand name ROKUA is a national park located in the province of Northern Ostrobothnia. The park was established in 1956 to protect the valuable habitats and terrain of the Rokuanvara ridge formation. The park is particularly famous for its natural barren fabrics and glacial-shaped terrain. Formed by ice, fire and water, the Rokua area is part of the Rokua Unesco Global complex, whose sites are geologically unique.

  • Unna


    Feel the forest on your skin!


    Unna Nordic is a Finnish experience series that brings the forest to beauty salons and home bathrooms. Nursing treatments are experiences for all the senses, combining woody scents, the sounds of nature and a peaceful touch. At home, Unna Nordic combines everyday pampering with effective skin care. Finnish birch sap, fermented raw materials and conifers take care that the skin feels well in the fluctuations of the northern climate.

  • SnowAnna

    Skin care professionals brainchild of Snow Anna is close cosmetics genuine Finnish nature, without exotic supplements from the other side of the globe. The active ingredients of the series are e.g. domestic berries, traditional herbs, birch sap and local honey, which in Finland's unique climate receive their exceptionally good nutritional richness and are therefore so valuable in skin care. Indeed, the highest possible degree of domesticity of raw materials distinguishes SnowAnna from most other domestic series.

    Product development and manufacturing in a company specializing in berry and natural cosmetics in Helsinki guarantee the really good quality, care and tolerability of skin care products. SnowAnna favors Finnish work.


    Enjoy the power of Finnish nature on your skin!

  • Valkoinen Lanka

    Valkoinen Lanka is a Finnish certified natural cosmetics series, whose products draw their strength from Finnish nature. Cloudberry and sea buckthorn are the main content of this clean skin care series.


    There is a lot of researched information about Finnish berries, and the nutritional content they offer is ideal for Finnish sensitive skin. The skin gets good Omega-3 fatty acids as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals.


    The products of the series can be purchased e.g.
    from the online store .

  • Zenpuu

    Jani Pensola, the developer and manufacturer of Rönn's resin ointment, has done his life's work with wood.

    Traditional carpentry changed to a more refined form as a manufacturer and developer of natural cosmetics made from wood in 2015, after Pensola injured his leg in a badly surprising accident and had to rethink his entire job image during a long sick leave. A man who had worked as a carpenter for a long time had to create a new kind of relationship with wood and realized how great a raw material resin is. The product was initially made for ourselves and related parties, but soon the cream was already in production, thanks to the rave user feedback.

    Rönn's resin ointment is in many ways a topical product. Not only is it effective, it is 100 % natural, 100 % domestic and consists of three raw materials: spruce resin, hemp seed oil and beeswax.


    In Jani's heart, respect for nature, sustainable development and the versatile use of nature's resources are paramount.

    “The forest gives me strength and well-being that I don’t get anywhere else. I consider it important that nature is present in my daily life and I can follow the cycle of the year closely. ”

  • Your product?

    FI-Natura is a Finnish natural cosmetics certificate established in 2014. Our goal is to facilitate the possibility for Finnish natural cosmetics marketers and manufacturers to obtain a Finnish Natural Cosmetics certificate for their product or product range. With the help of the certificate, the consumer identifies an authentic domestic natural cosmetic product and distinguishes it from green-washed cosmetic products. The certificate can be applied for for an individual product or for the entire product range.

    Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more. Welcome aboard!

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